Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snow White and the Huntsman

Warning: This review contains spoilers.  Okay, you've been warned. :D

Premise: Snow white must escape the evil clutches of her wicked stepmother, find out who she really is, rally an army that will follow her into battle to defeat her wicked, witchy stepmother and somehow fall in love.


When I first saw the movie poster for this film, it featured hotlicious hunk, Chris Hemsworth and I was on the hook. Then later, I learned that Snow White would be played by Kristen Stewart and my enthusiasm to see this movie flew out of the window faster than a "Supernatural" demon's soul out of opened gates of hell.

Here's why. She can't act, Lord help us, she can't. I am NOT exaggerating when I say she kept the same expression on her face throughout the entire movie. And I don't think she closed her mouth once. She appeared to be under so much stress trying to emote, especially during the scenes where she should have been crying, or showing admiration or love, attraction, etc. Even her (less than) rousing speech to her army lacked in passion and conviction.

 She ruined the movie for me. Charleze Theron's character, her amazing wardrobe, the intriguing little people and looking at Chris H. made the movie bearable.

I also didn't like the forced romance between Snow White and the Huntsman. The chemistry was never there and it seemed to almost come out of nowhere. For most of the movie, you believe that Snow White is supposed to reconnect with the prince from her childhood and that would have made more sense. It was as if the director and writers said, "well, both of these actors are popular right now, let's make them fall in love". without actually building the love between them so that the viewers could watch it blossom. And what kind of ending was that? She didn't even really smile at the Huntsman and isn't he supposed to be the love of her life? You're left with not knowing if he sticks around or hits the road.

Grade: F- See me after class and bring your parents.

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