Thursday, April 25, 2013

True Blood

True Blood - Season One

Warning: This review will contain spoilers so if that's okay with you, please read on.

There are some things I really liked about this season and then there's some things I didn't. I really enjoy the multiple story lines. I love seeing a plot unfold from various point of views instead of just following one person and that person's opinion. I like that the writers decided to breathe new life into characters that were more so supporting cast in the books. Here everyone's the star and that's awesome.

I like the world that both CH and AB created. I enjoy reading about vampires, shifters and other supernatural beings being out in the open, much like the X-men. Don't get me wrong, the shadow supes are fun, too. It's just something exciting about walking into a room where you know you might be among supernatural creatures. Maybe that's just the fiction writer in me. *Giggle*

The character interactions were great and where some actors are concerned, you really feel the chemistry between them and their amazing acting ability almost makes you feel as though you're a fly on the wall watching something real take place as opposed to a TV show.

What I didn't like. I'm not fond of the Sookie character and I've got an issue with writers creating characters that are hypocrites, but rarely or never get called on it. (I had this same issue with Buffy. I felt that she never said what she should have said to people when they were ragging on her, Xander especially.)  I loved when Sam told Sookie off on the dance floor when she continued to berate him for not telling her he was a shifter. That should have happened more often. Like when Sookie, after Bill leaves with Eric, Pam and Chow to go the tribunal, tells Tara, "I don't even know what I'm supposed to be mad at you about".  Why does she feel she needs to be mad at Tara? Her best friend wanted to share some really amazing news with her, and she verbally attacked her first. You'd think Sookie would have at least acknowledged that something wonderful happened to Tara and to share in that for a spell, then tell Tara what was making her upset concerning Bill.

The character of Sookie seemed so flighty. She'd toss her dead Grandma in people's faces when she wanted them to feel sorry for her, but the only thing that seemed to be on her mind was Bill and what he was doing and where he was at, as opposed to worrying about the person trying to kill her. I also didn't like that she would tell people to mind their own business when they'd question her about Bill and her decision to be with him. But at the same time, she wants everyone to accept Bill and them as a couple. She never got called on that. So it left me frustrated as a viewer.

Still I fell in love with this series and I've watched every episode and will post reviews for each season when I can.

Grade: B- I need you to put forth more effort.

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