Monday, May 27, 2013

Iron Man 3

Do I really have to do a synopsis? I do? Fine then.

Warning: This review will contain spoilers

The Mandarin is the new threat Billionaire Tony Stark is facing. He's a heartless terrorist that appears to be releasing bombs around the country in a way to strike fear in the hearts of mankind. It's up to Tony AKA Iron Man to kick his ass and save the country. 

Alright, I think that sums it up without giving too much away. 

I had to actually see this movie twice to appreciate it, which is rare for me regarding an Iron Man movie. I loved the first two films. Yes, you heard me correctly, I liked Iron Man 2. When I first saw the 3rd movie, I wondered why there was more Tony in the movie than Iron Man? I wasn't fully sure what the villains agenda really was. Why was Tony's Iron Man suits so flimsy all of a sudden? Also, I didn't know why everyone seem to know how to control those suits. 

I still had some of those questions after watching it the second time, but I also had a bit more understanding.  Because the enemy redesign the color scheme on the Warmachine Suit, that gave them ample opportunity to master it. Fine, I'll buy that.  The Mandarin wanted to create an army of super soldiers and rule the world. OKay, fine... makes sense, what bad guy doesn't want that. 

As for Iron Man not being the main hero in the movie, I get it. Tony got the much needed exposure because he IS Iron Man. He makes the suit and that's what the movie was trying to prove. Not only do I get that, but I also appreciate it more. 

But still, when did his suits become so flimsy? Like really, how many times did the Mark whatever, break apart? Although, I will admit, it was funny at the end. :D

For a third installment, it was still entertaining. But the first IM reigns supreme

Grade: A- Hopefully your appearance in Avengers 2 will turn that (-) into a (+++) Good work anyway.

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