Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fast & Furious 6

One of the things I enjoy about these movies is the returning cast. I like seeing them come together for each new flick.

Having said that, on to my review.

Warning: This review may contain spoilers. In all honesty, expect some spoilers. :D

The Rock... er... I mean Agent Hobbs is trying to take down the most ruthless, fast driving, thieves he's ever had to deal with. In order to do that, he realizes he needs Dom and his team. He's willing to fight fire with a freaking blowtorch and that's what Fast & Furious 6 is all about.

Did it have fast cars? Hells yeah!

Did it have glistening men with rock-hard muscles in places you want to run your fingers? Oh, you KNOW it did!

Did it have all kinds of fancy driving tricks and explosions? Most definitely!

Fast & Furious franchise never lets me down. These are the kind of movies that are just smart enough to give you a bit of a plot twist. Nothing too intricate. It's all about the guys, gals and cars. I enjoyed the action in the movie. Some of it was over-the-top, but with a movie like this, you want that. It had humor and  some very nice hand-to hand combat scenes. Very entertaining.

Oh, is it just me, or was that the longest airport runway ever built? That thing must have been like 10 miles long. LOL!

Grade: A  That little bit of extra credit went a long way.

p.s. By the way,  I can wipe that baby oil off the Rock. *wink*

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