Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Total Recall

This review may contain spoilers… truth be told, I’m pretty sure there will be spoilers.

Okay,  so yeah, the original “Total Recall” with Aaaaahhhnold was a lot of fun and entertaining… I’ve got to say this movie is one of those rare occasions where the remake is better than the original.  If you can’t already tell from my lists of favorite movies and TV, I’m an action lover. Explosions, flying fists and feet, shooting bullets and bombs are my thing.  They make me smile, so I was pleasantly surprised with “Total Recall” 2012 starring Colin Ferrell. There was so much action and kick-ass hand-to-hand combat scenes that I was nearly in a state of delirium by the half-way point. You ever watch a movie where the action is so fantastic, you don’t really care that the plot is lacking? Yeah, it was like that.

For instance, how did they find the secret location of the leader of the Resistance?  They weren’t followed from what I could see and Colin’s character didn’t have a tracking device on him at that time. More importantly, just what in the hell was that movie about anyway? There was a rich person who wanted more control and land, so his plan was to make more police robots. I supposed he wanted to use his army of robots to strike fear in the hearts of the free citizens to force them to bend to his will. Where were all the other rich people in powerful positions to stop this mad man from accomplishing his monopoly on all the land and its people?

Ah hell, none of that matters because the action was so intense and entertaining. Just sit back, eat some popcorn and have fun.

Solid B - Casting a cute and cut Irish hottie gives you the extra credit that brought up your grade.

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