Friday, July 12, 2013

Warm Bodies

Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Let's be honest, there's going to be some spoilers in this review. I'm not even going to pretend otherwise. You've been warned. :D

Premise: Hmmm, let me see if I can get it all straight. The world has fallen into a zombie apocalypse and the humans have to struggle to survive. Okay, that's standard when zombies are present. But it's not just Zombies that's a problem, there's monster zombies out there. The zombies that zombies are afraid of. And in the mists of all this zombiefying there's a love blooming between a human girl and a teenage zombie.

Review: I will go on record saying that I will never ever see a zombie as a love interest. I don't care how good looking he is before his flesh rots off his face. No sir, please keep it moving, with your dead, brain-eating ass.

Having said that, I'll say that this movie was luke warm. I haven't read the book, so my opinion is based solely off the movie. I just couldn't buy the possibility of the teenage zombie reverting back to his human self simply because he was falling in love. Question, what turned them all into zombies in the first place? Aren't they dead? They've been killing people and eating brains for how long now, but all of a sudden, they decide it's time to jump back into the land of humanity and all it took was a vision of young love smooching, holding hands and going on joy rides?

These other zombies were ruthless killers, they didn't even have girlfriends interested in them and even they were putting down the brains for a chance at life again. Dead hearts started beating and it begs the question of: Why now? If they could have become human at any time, why even bother going zombie rabid in the first place?

I'm sorry, this movie left too many unanswered questions in favor of mildly entertaining jokes.

Grade: D+ We're going to need to have a parent/teacher conference to discuss your lack of motivation.

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